Meet Your Host

Kate Luczko

Entrepreneurial. Community-Focused. Strategic. Creative.
Relationship Builder. Personable. Curious. Storyteller.

Kate Luczko

Meet Kate Luczko

Kate is an intrinsically motivated professional recognized as a respected leader and entrepreneurial thinker with a proven dedication to community-focused initiatives and relationship building. She is personable, creative, and brings a fresh perspective and positive energy to the room. She loves the opportunity to meet new people, hear their stories, and is inspired by others’ entrepreneurial journeys!

Kate holds a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) with a certificate in Leadership of Nonprofits, and a Bachelors of Arts in Business with a concentration in Sustainable Business.

In addition, she is a licensed real estate agent in the State of New Hampshire, and a 200-hour certified yoga teacher. 

The Podcast

People, Place, & Purpose is a weekly podcast where Kate interviews and gets to know business owners, entrepreneurs, and creators and tells their stories – the passion, the learning, the pivoting, the joy…. And how networking and building relationships play an integral role.

Do you find yourself wondering where someone got their big idea, or how they took the leap to leave a traditional role to start something of their own? Before you travel somewhere, do you spend lots of time searching the internet and reading blog posts to find the local and unique businesses you must visit on your trip? Do you often find yourself in conversation with store owners about their shops, but always left wanting more and wishing you could get beyond their quick soundbites to hear what inspired their journey and what keeps them going?

This podcast is an opportunity to dig into that curiosity about people, their backgrounds, how they got started, what keeps them going, and where they see themselves in the future.

Professional & Community Involvement

In addition to being a traveling storyteller and podcast host, Kate has “side hustles” as an adjunct university faculty member, helping friends and family buy and sell real estate, and teaching yoga.

Prior to life as a podcaster, Kate was most recently the President & CEO of a regional Chamber of Commerce, the Director of Marketing and Business Development for a commercial construction company, and the inaugural President & CEO of a nonprofit focused on economic development and young worker recruitment and retention.

Kate is passionate about being involved in the community. On an ongoing basis, she serves on the Board of Directors for a credit union and participates on a number of volunteer committees.

On the Personal Side

While it depends upon the day or the season, Kate can often be found exploring while traveling to new places. She has a goal of getting to all 50 states before turning 50 and leaving the country at least once a year.

Kate is a foodie and is always finding opportunities for fun food adventures. She’s a gardener and loves to cook, and EAT!

As an avid “mover,” Kate spends time practicing and teaching yoga, riding her Peloton, running (with a first full marathon on the horizon), hiking, walking, kayaking, and generally participating in activities that allow for fresh air and sunshine! 

She loves to read and often finishes an entire book in a single day when traveling solo. When not traveling the world, she loves being home and spending time with her black lab, Timber.