Stout Heart: Mariah Morgan

June 27, 2022

Mariah Morgan lives in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, and arrived there by way of Texas, Connecticut, and San Francisco. She’s the founder and principal at Stout Heart, which recently celebrated its 7th anniversary of being in business. Stout Heart is a full-service creative marketing agency serving “brave brands,” centered around building relationships, and focused on those who are driven by their values and their character. From collecting beautiful Absolut vodka ads as a kid, to then studying advertising in college, launching her own firm, building a team, growing a family, coming back from a brain injury after being hit by a car, Mariah has had a fascinating journey to get her to where she is today, and we know you’re going to enjoy the conversation.

Kate and her guests do a fabulous job of uncovering stories of success in business along with hope for all of us.

K. Sebastian-Wirth