WRK: Corinne Milien

August 15, 2022

Corinne Milien is the proud daughter of Haitian immigrants, and thus a first-generation American, now calling Cumming, Georgia home. After serving in the United States Air Force, Corinne worked for Pat Summit and the University of Tennessee Women’s Basketball Team, ESPN, and eventually co-founded and led the non-profit, the Winning Edge Leadership Academy. Now she is forging her own trail in the for-profit space with her company WRK, partnering with organizations to increase diversity and inclusion within the workforce and advance professional leadership opportunities for the underrepresented. She is a dedicated dog-mom, has vibrant and contagious energy, and it sounds like she’s a force on the golf course!

Kate and her guests do a fabulous job of uncovering stories of success in business along with hope for all of us.

K. Sebastian-Wirth