Vermont Salumi & AR Market:
Pete Colman


Where To Find Vermont Salumi:


159 North Main Street, Barre, Vermont

Where To Find AR Market:


159 North Main Street, Barre, Vermont

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Pete Colman is the owner of Vermont Salumi and AR Market, both located in Barre, Vermont. Pete was born in Italy and moved to VT early in life. He spent summers in Umbria, Italy, and the rest of his growing up years on Cate Farm, an organic plant and produce farm in Plainfield, Vermont. Pete has a healthy appetite for food, of course, but also for business and hands-on learning. In many ways, Pete was a trailblazer in the meat product industry in the Northeast, but after years of hard work, has established himself and Vermont Salumi’s products with a “front line army” of fans. I love how Pete talks about how owning a business is likely to be different than you expect (even when you think you know exactly what you want to do), but by embracing the challenges, and ensuring you have fun along the way, you will be successful. 

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