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Ashley Brailsford grew up in Greensboro, North Carolina spending lots of time outdoors, as a dedicated girl scout, and being genuinely curious about nature. After acquiring lots of education through both traditional degrees and a variety of jobs, but also learning by doing through living in and traveling to different parts of the country, she decided it was time for her to follow her entrepreneurial spirit and start something of her own. Now based in Nashville, Tennessee, Unearthing Joy is all about creating outdoor programming for children and families that is culturally inclusive. Ashley says it’s “evolving outdoor places and inclusive spaces.” 

Mentions from the show:
– Montessori: https://amshq.org/About-Montessori/What-Is-Montessori
– Outdoor Afro “Reconnect to Nature:” https://outdoorafro.org/
– Episode with Johanna Voss about structuring your time to fit yourself: https://peopleplacepurpose.com/guests/the-johanna-b-voss-agency-johanna-voss/
– Fresh Future Farm in Charleston, SC: https://www.freshfuturefarm.org/
– South Carolina Black Farmers Coalition: https://www.scblackfarmers.com/
– George Washington Carver and soil regeneration: https://www.nmhealthysoil.org/2021/01/28/soil-health-pioneer-george-washington-carver/

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