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Amy McCoy


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Amy McCoy is the Creative Director, Illustrator, and Founder of Tiny Farmhouse based in southeastern Massachusetts, right near the Rhode Island border. She has spent her career as a Freelance Broadcast Producer, but loves being an artist, traveling, growing her own food and raising animals, spending time in nature, and thinking about sustainability. In this episode, she references numerous times how she wants her uniquely designed tea towels, aprons, greeting cards, notebooks, market totes, and more, to make people happy!

Mentions from the show:

Amy’s Cookbook, “Poor Girl Gourmet:” https://amzn.to/3uMf2h6
Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) Continuing Education: https://ce.risd.edu
Center for Women & Enterprise: https://cweonline.org
Affra Gibbs: https://affragibbs.com
Terry Runyan: https://www.terryrunyan.com
1canoe2: https://1canoe2.com
Bee Cups: https://www.bee-cups.com
Ira Glass, “This American Life” on “Taste” and “The Gap:” https://www.thisamericanlife.org/extras/the-gap
Turnstone Market in Nahant, MA: https://www.turnstonemarket.com
Craftland in Providence, RI: https://shop.craftlandshop.com
The Brooklyn Women’s Exchange in Brooklyn, NY: http://www.brooklyn-womens-exchange.org

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