Mint Printworks:
Medina & Tyler Gauthier


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1 Pine Street Extension, 2nd Floor, Nashua, NH

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Tyler and Medina Gauthier are husband and wife and the co-owners of Mint Printworks based in Nashua, New Hampshire. When a spontaneous move from New England to Hawaii came to an end and they found themselves back in New Hampshire, they decided to start a print shop. From its roots in the attic of their house to a now official space in a historic mill building where they also employ 10 other people, Mint Printworks has created a foundation for the business with its impact on the local communities and the people within. Mint, Medina, and Tyler are woven into peoples’ lives beyond just being the name on the back of a t-shirt and what they have built thus far is nothing short of remarkable. 

Mentions from the show:
– PRG (Medina’s family’s business):
– Peacock Players:
– Life Is Good:
– Surf Nashua:
– Dynamic Strength & Conditioning:
– Sesame Street’s how crayons are made:
– Woods Hole Inn (t-shirt contest):

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