Lilise Designer Resale (LDR):
Elyssa Alfieri


Lilise Designer Resale (LDR):


7 North Main Street, Concord, NH

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Elyssa Alfieri is the owner of Lilise Designer Resale, also known as LDR, and she’s the founder of her own clothing line, Inclination, which she describes as “elevated basics with a dash of vintage and estate jewelry, curated for each season.” Elyssa is a social media maven, super community minded, and incredibly generous with her infectious energy and positive attitude. When we joke about bringing snacks just to hang out in her store to spend extra time in her ambiance, it’s absolutely true. You’ll pretty quickly feel her sparkle and find out what we mean when you listen. 

Where you can find LDR:
– Website:
– Instagram:
– TikTok:
– Twitter:
– Facebook:
– Physical location: 7 North Main Street, Concord, NH

Mentions from the show:
– Concord Young Professionals Network (CYPN):
– Puff Paint:
– The Brothers’ Cortado:
– Turning Points Network and Changes Boutique & Thrift:

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