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Jennifer Desrosiers


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26 Water Street, Unit 6, Exeter, New Hampshire

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Jennifer Desrosiers comes from a background in engineering and found herself wanting less compartmentalization of “real life” and work, and more infusion of her passions and activities that excite her throughout every single day. So, somewhat spontaneously, she founded Laney & Lu, an eatery with a much greater purpose than just delicious food, and then Palette, a graze box “edible art” company, and now, the mothership Altitude Companies, with many more adventures on the horizon. If you have ever had a moment in your entrepreneurship journey where you were unsure about where you are or where you are headed, this conversation is a must-listen. 

Mentions from the show:
– Vermont Technical College:
– SBDC (Small Business Development Center):
– Love & Flour Bakery:
– Living with Landyn:
– Chris Harder:
– Brent Brown core values:
– Elephant Journal:

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