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Suzelle Snowden


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Suzelle Snowden is the Founder and President of Fit Bodies and when she’s not living out of a suitcase and jet-setting around the world, she lives in northeast Kentucky. Suzelle is an incredible spark of energy and after listening to her story and her consistent drive to try new things, it probably won’t surprise you that she has been a certified fitness instructor since 1986, spanning time, a wide variety of trends, new formats, and many, many certifications. Her new-adventure-seeking style even drove her to run a 100-mile race, along with lots of 50 and 60 milers, which are incredible feats. In many ways, her love for what is now her “business” came from an organic love for fitness, movement, traveling, building relationships, and has enabled her to stay passionate about her ”work” and its ever-changing nature, for all of these years.

Mentions from the show:
– The Silver Bridge Disaster:
– The Mothman Prophecies movie:
– Workout for Hope:
– STRONG Nation:
– AMR Collection Resorts & Hotels:
– Jeff Galloway marathon training:
– Dances with Dirt:
– Kentucky Bourbon Trail:
– Lake Cumberland:

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