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Fred Bramante is a self-proclaimed lover of rock-and-roll and education. His initial claim to fame was starting Daddy’s Junky Music in September of 1972, originally the smallest of over 11,000 music stores in the country, but grew to be the 15th largest in the United States. It’s a wild story full of excitement and heartbreak. Since Daddy’s closure, now he spends his days advocating for kids and changes to our education systems. Fred’s passion is palpable! 

Where you can find Daddy’s Junky Music:
– Facebook:

Where you can find the National Center for Competency Based Learning (NCCBL):
– Website:

Where you can find Civics and Civility:
– Website:

Mentions from the show:
– Seinfeld episode where Kramer paints over lines on the highway:
– Capitol Center for the Arts:
– Waldorf Education:
– SNHU Arena:
– Recycled Percussion:

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