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Kristin Hardwick


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52 Nashua Street, Milford, NH

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Kristin Hardwick is a New Hampshire native, and what I would call a “multipreneur.” Different than a serial entrepreneur, as she has not just had multiple, successive entrepreneurial ventures, but multiple ventures at the same time – triplets, as we speak – a photography business, a coworking space, and a new personal assistant company. During our conversation, I really appreciate Kristin being candid about she felt historically around not holding a college degree and how she managed those feelings for herself (and don’t let those comments fool you one bit, she is an incredible rockstar!), but one of the most fascinating parts of her story is around how much of her businesses have come from needs she discovered that would really better her own life – and through discovering her own needs, she also saw gaps and opportunities in the world for others. Really great stuff! 

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