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Laura Barnard is from the suburbs of Chicago and after a couple of times venturing down paths, she felt like she “should” take (taking the LSAT, law school admission test, thinking she would be a sports agent ala Jerry Maguire, going into the family home building business), she discovered a passion for marketing. In the marketing realm, she had the opportunity to work on cool brands like Skittles and Haribo (best known for their gummy bears), and after climbing the corporate ladder, she opted to step off that track and start her own business, BREAKTHRU Brands, helping market people instead of confections. We’ll talk a lot more about her motivation, her business, and how they help leaders in our conversation.

Mentions from the show:
– Simon Sinek “Optimism” podcast:
– Harvard Business Review (HBR) IdeaCast:
– Title IX:
– Billie Jean King, “All In:”
– Aurelio’s of La Grange with the “Super Six:”

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