Alpacas of Montana:
James & Sarah Budd


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8255 Cottonwood Road, Bozeman, Montana

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James and Sarah Budd have worked together pretty much since the day they first met, even prior to starting Alpacas of Montana. James is from Maryland, spent some of his growing up years in the US Virgin Islands, then went to high school in Colorado, whereas Sarah was born and raised in Montana, and spent some time studying in Melbourne, Australia when she was younger. The way that alpacas came into their life, you will hear that it would have taken a lot of effort for them to ignore the signs – such a cool story! And what they have been able to do with creating textiles, performance apparel, and so much more (currently at over 400 SKUs), is far beyond just having an alpaca farm, and quite impressive! 

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– Turner Bison Program:
– Wilson College of Textiles:

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